CLI scraping in Ruby

For my project in Ruby OO programming, I am creating a command-line interface gem about a game I’m currently into.

The project was going smoothly at first, it took me a second to get the hang of scraping data off of websites, especially heavily javascript-induced websites, but I managed to do it and complete a satisfactory project in my book. Until the worst happened…

I was removing files off out of my project folder via terminal, and it was a mistake on my behalf, by naming every file and folder very similar to each other, and before I knew it, I was removing my whole CLI and scraping code off of my project.

At first, I was annoyed because it took me hours to complete those codes, and get them to work properly, this then caused me to spiral down into, what seemed to be a never-ending spiral. I was in a state of doubt, dissatisfaction and had little to no motivation to recreate my project again. But that little light in me kept telling me to keep on going.

So currently on 3/20/2020 around 1:40AM, I finished my recreation of my what seemed to be destroyed project.

This recreation wasn’t as hard and heavy as my first one, maybe because I got the hang of it on my second try.

What this CLI does is scrapes character data off of a Genshin Impact Wiki, and provides it in the code.

This CLI lists all playable characters in Genshin Impact and shows a list of their information such as their name, constellation, birthday, and titles given to them.