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Today I tried to recreate my Anime List from my Sinatra Project, but instead I amped it up a bit more with it being a bit basic. I created this with Rails, and it took forever to get the hang of.

My Controllers

It is now the Project week for Sinatra in my course at Flatiron School. Mod 2 was very challenging for me due to problems in the outside world, but I persevered and pushed through and created a working web app that lists the animes you have watched.

The site Anime List is used to write your favorite animes and the characters in them! You can create, read, update and delete one of your own if you’d like! This site is very user-friendly and very basic. …

For my project in Ruby OO programming, I am creating a command-line interface gem about a game I’m currently into.

The project was going smoothly at first, it took me a second to get the hang of scraping data off of websites, especially heavily javascript-induced websites, but I managed to do it and complete a satisfactory project in my book. Until the worst happened…

I was removing files off out of my project folder via terminal, and it was a mistake on my behalf, by naming every file and folder very similar to each other, and before I knew it…

My name is Nakai Hamlin, and I’m 19 years old. I graduated High School on May 26, 2020, and just about a week ago, on February 22, 2020, I proceeded to take my very first steps into what is going to become my lifelong career: Software Engineering. I’m currently studying at Flatiron School; a coding Bootcamp. The journey seems daunting and scary at first, but the more I learn and code with my two hands, the more I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was always interested in coding ever since I was little. Granted…

Nakai Hamlin

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